NPI (New Product Introduction)

SVI offers new product introduction (NPI) services that are flexible, scalable, portable, and individually customized to suit specific customer product requirements as well as current and future operational needs.

Regardless of the development phase your products have reached, SVI’s years of experience and dedication enables our team to offer fully optimized solutions that bring stability and flexibility to all customer operations.

Our NPI specialists are experts in their field and have built a respectable reputation recognized for achieving high end results through the provision of service excellence, improved productivity and profitability via its NPI solutions.

SVI’s ability to build long-term business relationships by working together with its customers and understanding the exact requirements of each individual project has allowed SVI’s NPI services to consistently meet stringent quality control, monitoring and reporting requirements.

Furthermore, SVI’s NPI team has deservedly built a solid reputation for its ability to incorporate industrial standards according to customer, local, national, international, regional and global specifications into its customer NPI projects.

All SVI NPI solutions focus on the following key principles:
  • Emphasis on early involvement with customer engineering teams as a key element to successful NPI engagement
  • SVI teams take responsibility for pulling and researching as much information as possible about the development calendar of our customers at the earliest opportunity as well as any preliminary specifications or information Customer feedback has shown the majority of our customers welcome this approach
  • Frequent discussions to update project outlooks this approach ensures technologies, processes and resources are aligned and milestones are achievable using SMART objectives
  • Having information available as early as possible allows SVI to develop the best overall solutions
  • SVI maintains its commitment to focusing on a cost effective and timely new product introduction
Your projects will have dedicated English speaking team of NPI professionals:
  • The NPI Process engineer establishes the optimum process flow, machine parameters, tooling, work instructions and trains the operators
  • An NPI buyer ensures material is available in the right quantity for each project deliverable
  • NPI buyers are experienced in working directly with your engineering teams and adapting to changing requirements in order to create the best possible end results
  • A Project Engineer ensures all technical issues are resolved and that all deliverables are achieved